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FARM 1 & 2 466.8 ACRES SOLD FOR $4,800 PER ACRE

Willert 626.80+- Acres Lincoln County, MN


626.80 Acres of Improved and Unimproved Lincoln County Minnesota Land

– This Auction Includes a Well Improved 160 Acre Farm with a Mixture of Cropland and Pasture, 306.80 Acres with some Livestock Facilities along with a Mixture of Cropland/Hayland & Pasture and an Additional 160 acre parcel with a High Percentage of Choice Tillable Cropland

As we have purchased a ranch in Nebraska and are relocating to expand and concentrate on our Cow-Calf Livestock Operation, we have decided to offer the following real property at auction at the land with the main farmstead  located at 1618 160th Ave., Lake Benton, MN; or from Lake Benton, MN (Jct. of Hwys. #75 & #14) –  3 miles west on Hwy. #14 and 1 mile north on 160th Ave. to the SW Corner of FARM #1 & SE Corner of FARM #2;


SALE DATE:  THURSDAY JANUARY 29, 2015                      SALE TIME:  10:00 AM

OPEN HOUSE DATES:  Friday Jan. 9th & Sat. 10th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM

& Friday Jan. 16th & Sat. 17th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM or Shown by Appointment


AUCTIONEERS NOTE: ATTENTION – Cow-Calf Operators, Livestock Producers, Row Crop Operators, Investors & Others in The Market For – An Improved Livestock Farm With A Modern Ranch Style Home & Excellent Livestock Facilities, For a Farm With Excellent Pasture & Cropland – Especially Well Suited for Cattle on a Rotational Hay & Grazing Program and Those Searching For a Choice High Percentage Tillable Quarter of Land.

FARMS #1 & #2 Will be Offered in Individual Tracts and Combinations of Tracts – As Farm #1 – 160 Acres Improved, Tract 2A – 146.8 Acres of Cropland/Pasture with a Corral; Tr. 2B – 160 Acres With Livestock Facilities, Pasture & Cropland, Farm #1 & Tr. 2A – 306.80 Acres, Tracts 2A & 2B – 306.80 Acres or Farm #1, Tr. 2A & 2B – 466.80 Acres.  FARM #3 will be a Stand Alone 160 Acre Parcel & Will Not Be Combined With any Other Parcels.


FARM #1 – 160 ACRES IMPROVED – LEGAL DESC.:  The SW ¼ of Sec. 36, T. 110N., R. 46W., (Drammen Twp.), Lincoln County, MN.

This parcel consists of a 160 acre well improved farm with a modern home and excellent livestock facilities.  The improvements on this farm include a one owner modern ranch style home, with the main portion  constructed in 1997 with an addition in 2006; the main level includes a front entry to the living room, an open dining area and kitchen with a snack bar & oak cabinets, a master bedroom, full bath, laundry area and a 2006 addition of a room utilized as an office – the main floor has 2”x6” sidewalls throughout and Anderson windows; there is a side entry to an attached Double garage w/2 overhead doors and 2 elec. door openers – the garage has 2”x4” sidewalls and is insulated with finished sidewalls and ceiling; the home has a full basement which was constructed with an insulated formed poured concrete foundation with 6” drain tile installed and a concrete floor – the basement includes a rec room, 2 non-legal bedrooms, a ¾ bath, storage, utility area and a legal ingress/egress window in the portion in the 2006 addition, with a Thermo Pride High Efficiency LP gas furnace w/central AC, a 200 amp breaker electrical service and a 80 gal. Marathon elec. HW heater.  This home is currently serviced with well water, although Lincoln/Pipestone Rural Water is at the end of the driveway, and a new 6 member family septic was installed in 2006 and is compliant with existing regulations. This farmstead is serviced by Lyon-Lincoln Rural Electric.

Other improvements include a Morton Machine Shed (approx. 72’x120’) built in 2002 w/15’ sidewalls, gravel floor & concrete approach, a set of 30’ and 24’ sliding doors, 2 walk doors and 110V&220V single phase electrical with multiple outlets; a Morton Calving/Hay Storage  Bldg. (approx. 48’x120’)  built in 2002 with 15’ sidewall height with 4’ high concrete around the base of the exterior of the bldg. and a 24’ and 15’ sliding end doors, 7 ½’ side door and a walk door – this bldg. has a 16’x20’ concrete interior pad used for placement of a portable calving pen and has an auto. waterer, a hydrant and is wired with electrical; a pole type metal machine shed (approx. 40’x64’ with a 20’x64’ lean-to) originally built in 1972 with a 2011 lean-to at which time new steel was placed on the west side of the machine shed and lean-to; wooden livestock bldg. w/hay mow – re-roofed in 2011 (approx. 28’x64’) w/concrete floor, inside hydrant, 36’x64’ concrete apron & 20’ of concrete “J” feedbunk; wooden pole type calving barn (approx. 26’x36’) w/metal exterior, 3’ partial concrete sidewalls, concrete floor and hydrant and an adjacent 12’x36’ addition – of which 12’x16’ is being utilized as a heated vet room with insulated and plywood lined interior walls; a wooden hog house (approx. 24’x28’) with a back portion pole structure (approx. 30’x32’) with a concrete floor & 15’ east door – with these structures utilized for calves, sheep, etc.; a Monoslope bldg. (approx. 20’x48’) used for livestock, straw/hay stg. w/varying heights from 16’ to 22’ – this is a pole type structure with a 10’ door and an 8’ opening on the south; 8 livestock yards – 1 with  112’ of concrete “H” bunk and 80’x100’ concrete pad; another with 200’ of concrete “J” bunk with a 20’ concrete apron on the eating side, another with 60‘ of concrete “J” bunk with a 20’ apron on each the feeding and eating side; the area in and around the feedyards have a significant amount of guard rail and sucker rod fencing, windbreak fence and multiple livestock fountains and hydrants and various locations; a commodity/feed storage bldg. with a 22’ tall opening with a sloped steel roof, 6’ concrete walls around 3 sides of the base with steel above, 3 compartments with dividers, concrete floor and 24’x30’ feed apron w/guard rail & steel fence and a 10’x73’ concrete approach/apron in front of the commodity barn. This farmstead has approximately 19,500 bushels of grain bin storage, including 5,000 bu. dryer bin. This facility is currently permitted for 999 animal units.  This property is serviced by Lyon-Lincoln Rural Electric – single phase and two wells – one which services the livestock areas that was updated with a 3HP pump and some new 2” line – this well services a 7’ tire tank w/float and 2 drinking holes, 4 auto. livestock fountains and 5 hydrants – this well which has serviced as many as 500 head of cattle, additionally a 2nd well with a submersible pump services the house.  According to FSA information this farm has approx. 101.56 acres of total cropland, although currently there is approx. 98.56 acres of effective cropland subsequent to the CRP reduction, of which 3 acres were planted to trees with the contract commencing in 2006 and are enrolled in CRP for 15 years which presently are paying $279.00 per year with the contract scheduled to expire on 9/30/2021; there also is a 1.5 acre 2009 tree belt south of the driveway (not in CRP) – the existing +/-101 acres of cropland is high tensile fenced and is all sowed to an alfalfa/grass mixture being utilized as part of a hay and rotational grazing program; the remainder comprised of approx. 59 acres of pasture and the bldg. site.

FARM #2 – +/- 306.8 Acres w/Livestock Facilities – Farm #2 will be offered as Tract 2A – +/-146.80 Acres – the SE¼; Tract 2B – +/- 160 Acres – the SW¼ or as Tracts 2A & 2B Combined – The +/- 306.8 Acre Unit. LEGAL DESC.:  Tract 2A – The SE¼, Except the North 1,150’ of the E. 500’, Sec. 35, T. 110N., R. 46W., Drammen Twp., Lincoln Co., MN; & Tract 2B – The SW¼ of Sec. 35, T. 110N., R. 46W., Drammen Twp., Lincoln Co., MN.

According to FSA info. FARM #2 (Tracts 2A & 2B combined) currently are identified as Tract 4607 which is stated to have approx. 197.54 acres of total cropland and 195.84 acres of effective cropland, subsequent to the CRP reduction on 1.7 acres, although both are slightly overstated as it includes a few acres of cropland that lie within the acreage site which is excluded from the portion being sold.  Farm #2 has an existing 30 year Minimal Impact Wind Easement which will pass with this property, of which 100% of the wind rights will pass with the property, presently paying $30.00 per acre – a total annual payment of approx. $9,600.00 per yr. on the half section which is scheduled to expire in 2036; if this farm is divided in to two individual tracts, the easements and the respective payments will need to be reapportioned to each of the respective individual tracts.


TRACT 2A in the SE¼ of Sec. 35 is essentially a +/-146.8 acre unimproved parcel of land, as the acreage located in the NE Corner of this quarter is not included.  According to FSA info. this farm has approximately 87.99 acres of cropland are situated in 3 individual fields, all of which are presently sowed to alfalfa /grass and are utilized as hayland and for rotational grazing; the remainder is comprised of a pasture with a large stock dam.  Improvements on this parcel consist of a corral, alley and headgate that is located south of the dam on the property. Additionally this farm (Tract 2A) has approx. 1.7 acres of CRP that is planted to trees including a mixture of blue spruce and honeysuckle with the contract scheduled to expire on 9/30/2024 which presently is paying $225.00 per year. This parcel has high tensile fence on the interior, the north and a portion of the east 1/3rd and ½ of the west. This parcel has a mix of productive cropland and pasture and is a parcel that is extremely well adapted for use with either a livestock or crop livestock operation.

TRACT 2B in the SW ¼ of Sec. 35 is a +/-160 acre parcel which is inclusive of some improvements, primarily comprised of some livestock facilities.  According to the owner the SW ¼ is currently permitted for 350 animal units.  The improvements include remnants of a former farmstead as the house has been removed, leaving a 24’x30’ wooden garage, wooden barn, 16’x16’ monoslope cattle shelter, a corral, headgate and alleyway, a water hydrant and a feedyard with a 7’ tire tank; this farmstead is serviced by rural water from a service pit that is located in the SE corner of the quarter; additionally there is a 13’ tire tank located in the fenceline between the SE ¼ and SW ¼ – that if divided into two individual Tracts may be moved to pass with the west quarter.  The buyer of the west quarter (Tract 2B) will assume the remainder of the rural water assessment of $3,011.60 which if paid annually in conjunction with the property tax assessment at a cost of approx. $549.18 per year with principle & interest expiring in 2021.   According to FSA info. this farm appears to have approx. 107.85 acres of cropland in 4 areas of the farm, all of which are presently sowed to alfalfa/grass and are utilized as hayland and for rotational grazing; the remainder of the farm (+/-52 acres)  is comprised of pastureland and the bldg. site.  This parcel has high tensile fence around approx. 75% of the perimeter and has internal high tensile fence split into 4 areas.

FARM #3: 160 Acres of Choice High Percentage Tillable Land- LEGAL DESC.:  The SE¼ of Sec. 2,       T. 109N., R. 46W., (Verdi Twp.), Lincoln County, MN.

This farm has it All – Choice High Producing Cropland with a High Percentage Tillable, High Quality Soils, a Significant Amount of Existing Drain Tile, Excellent Eye Appeal, a Superb Location and More!  According to FSA information this farm has approx. 157.65 acres of cropland.  This is extremely productive land evidenced by the fact that according to the owners in 2014 this farm produced 184 bu. corn and 54 bu. soybeans on the tilled acres. The new owner will benefit from approx. 40 acres of new seeding alfalfa that was planted in 2014 and there is approx. 120 acres which was Fall tilled in 2014, with the tillage to pass as “no cost” to the buyer.  According to info. obtained from Surety Agri-Data, Inc., this farm has an extremely high Soil Productivity Index of 94.7. This property has been rather extensively tiled by Johnson Tiling, as according to the tile maps there is over 14,000’ of drain tile installed in this farm.  The topography of this land is level to gently rolling.  This property has a superb location, bordered on the south by US Hwy#14. There is an existing wind easement which will pass with this property, of which 100% of the wind rights will pass with the W½ SE¼ presently paying $30.00 per acre; and 50% of the wind rights will pass with the E½ SE¼, with 50% of the wind rights on this portion retained by a previous owner, thus this portion is presently paying $15.00 per acre to the owner – a total annual payment of $3,600.00/yr. scheduled to expire in 2036. The RE taxes and incidental assessments payable in 2014 on this land were $2,194.00 on the W½ SE¼ & $1,140.00 on the E½ SE¼. This is a choice parcel of land that would be an excellent addition to an area farming operation or investment property.

TERMS:  CASH – A 10% nonrefundable earnest money payment on the day of the sale and the balance on or before April 10, 2015; full possession of the land for the 2015 crop year; Possession of the Residence, Feedyards & Outbuildings on FARM #1 on June 10, 2015; Marketable Title will be conveyed and abstracts of title continued to date will be provided to the buyer for examination. The Sellers will pay all of the RE Taxes & Assessments payable in 2015, with the buyers to assume the rural water assessment on Tract 2B scheduled to expire in 2021 which is $549.18 per year (principle & interest combined), with the buyer to be responsible for all of the RE taxes and assessments due & payable in 2016 and thereafter.  The seller does not warranty or guarantee that existing fences lie on the true & correct boundary and any new fencing, if any, will be the responsibility of the purchaser pursuant to MN statutes. FSA cropland acres, yields, bases & other information are estimated and subject to County Committee approval.  This property is sold based on the acres as stated on the county tax records, with the acres understood to be “more or less”.  This property is sold subject to existing easements, restrictions, reservations or highways of record, if any, as well as any or all applicable county zoning ordinances. This property is sold in “AS IS” condition and the merchantability or suitability of this property for any particular purpose is not guaranteed; furthermore, any permits concerning the future use and compliance of the livestock feeding facilities as required by MN DENR and/or Lincoln County Conservation & Zoning in connection with a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  The sellers may desire to utilize this property in conjunction with a 1031 Tax Free Exchange and the buyer will agree to cooperate in the facilitation of the exchange, although any expenses related to the exchange will be paid by the sellers.  Information contained herein is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed.  The RE licensees in this transaction stipulate that they are acting as agents for the seller.  Sold subject to confirmation of the Owners.


Home Ph. 507-368-4386 – Cell Ph. 507-820-2306

Glen A. Petersen – Attorney & Closing Agent for the Sellers – Tyler, MN – ph. 507-247-5515

CHUCK SUTTON – Auctioneer & Land Broker –  

Sioux Falls, SD – ph. 605-336-6315 & Flandreau, SD – ph. 605-997-3777; 

DEAN STOLTENBERG – Auctioneer & RE Salesperson – Jasper, MN – ph. 507-348-7352

LENNY BURLAGE – Auctioneer & RE Broker – Brookings, SD – ph. 605-692-7102 


317 Fourth Street
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